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Viettel Group Headquarters

Hanoi, Vietnam

Viettel Group’s new headquarters marks a new ideal for the corporate world with an elegant design that seamlessly integrates both workplace and landscape spaces. This LEED Silver-Certified building is the first completed Gensler-designed headquarters office building in Vietnam. The headquarters design was recognized as the Winner of the Golden Award in the Public Buildings category at Vietnam’s 2023 National Architecture Awards as well as the Winner of the Asia Pacific International Property Awards 2019.

The unique design’s optimized oval geometry connects employees via interconnected floor spaces across all levels. Viettel’s strong corporate emphasis on environmental sustainability and urban biodiversity is felt throughout the sculptural space, which boasts its own rainwater harvesting system. Abundant natural light permeates the bright space through a series of skylights, helping to boost employee productivity while also reducing the need for artificial lighting. To combat the tropical climate conditions, an expansive green roof featuring native plants was incorporated to reduce heat gain throughout the day for enhanced comfort.