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Western Kentucky University
Campus Plan

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Created with input from a range of stakeholders, Gensler designed the Western Kentucky University Campus Master Plan as a visionary roadmap focused on the student experience. The campus master plan encompasses space and land utilization, programming across campus, and upgrades to improve student learning, boost student safety, and enhance communication between colleges, faculty, and students.

By engaging with students, faculty, alumni, and staff — both virtually and in-person throughout the pandemic — Gensler’s team uncovered the spaces and places with the greatest impact on student experience to highlight within the plan. After conducting a complete assessment of the WKU’s existing campus facilities and space utilization, the design team provided recommendations to improve campus operations, including decommissioning aging or outdated buildings and making strategic investments to address deferred maintenance to provide the latest learning technology and infrastructure for students. Our team also identified select opportunities where a new facility was the best option and provided necessary details including site, program, construction costs, and scheduling to realize them.