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New York, New York

Wunderkind enlisted Gensler to create a transformational new workplace located on the 74th and 75th floors of 1WTC. The workplace design interprets the company’s identity throughout the space as “The Oasis,” a rich conceptual narrative that weaves together a robust series of creative expressions. Upon entry, guests are enveloped in a shade of juniper green that contrasts with the sky-blue exposed in the panoramic views. The 74th-floor concierge bar is anchored by a 16-foot diameter, ceiling-hung, preserved tree root system. A living ficus tree grows upwards to the 75th floor, reinforcing the interconnectedness of Wunderkind. A dramatic double-height atrium is anchored by oversized floral panoramas. At the entrance to the fully open plan office, a 10-foot tall T-Rex skeleton replica represents both a youthful splendor and the company’s first value: “Come Hungry.” Celebrating its passionately diverse talent and inclusive integrity, the workspace solidifies Wunderkind’s presence in New York’s technology sector as an industry-defining cultural powerhouse.