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How must libraries adapt their services, programming, and partnerships to serve their communities?

Research Project Name

A New Model for the Public Library

What We Did

We explored the macro- and micro-level trends impacting public libraries and developed a set of design strategies to support the institution’s evolving role in communities. To achieve this, we developed a trend report, hosted a series of panel discussions across the country, and evaluated the results of a web-based survey.

We created the trend report by analyzing current surveys, reports, and studies that examine the future of economies, cultures, and society. We also considered perspectives on community engagement, media technology, civic action, and forecast scenarios for the future of libraries. This research enabled us to identify a range of themes that guided our design strategies and recommendations.

Panel events in New York, Houston, Minneapolis, and Washington, D.C., were attended by library thought leaders, administrators, and academics. We also distributed a web-based survey to library professionals. These endeavors helped us gain an understanding of the salient issues, priorities, and challenges confronting libraries.

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David Broz, Amber Cao, Mahe Hameed, Caroline LeFevre, Allison Marshall, Sara Rothholz Weiner, Bevin Savage-Yamazaki, Meghan Webster

Year Completed