Regional Leadership

John Adams

Regional Managing Principal, Managing Director

+1 213.327.3600

 |  LinkedIn » John brings 20 years of experience as an architect, real estate strategist and planner to his role as...

Andy Cohen


+1 213.327.3610

 |  LinkedIn » Andy is one of two Gensler Co-CEOs whose collaborative leadership is fundamental to setting the company apart...

Office Leadership

John Adams

Regional Managing Principal, Managing Director

+1 213.327.3600

 |  LinkedIn » John brings 20 years of experience as an architect, real estate strategist and planner to his role as...

Michael White

Managing Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3629

 |  LinkedIn » Drawing on his extensive expertise in architectural design and real estate consulting and development, Michael...

Jill Wittnebel

Managing Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3865

 |  LinkedIn » Jill is a Managing Director in Gensler’s Los Angeles office. She brings over 25 years of experience in the...


Aaron Birney

Retail Leader, Design Director, Studio Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3608

 |  LinkedIn » Aaron is a designer who thrives on the fast-paced creative process of translating brands to the built...

Alan Young

Studio Director, Design Director, Principal

+1 213.239.8203

 |  LinkedIn » As a Principal and Studio Director for our Workplace Practice in the Los Angeles office, Alan brings more than...

Annmarie Plenge

Retail Centers Leader, Principal

+1 213.327.3957

 |  LinkedIn » Annmarie has more than 20 years of professional experience, with a specialty in retail expansion and...

Arpy Hatzikian


+1 213.327.3650

In her 25 years of professional experience, Arpy has earned a reputation as a leader in large-scale project...

Barbara Dunn

Studio Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3670

 |  LinkedIn » Barbara is a Principal and Studio Director at Gensler’s Los Angeles office. For over 30 years, she has created...

Chris Coldoff

Financial Services Leader, Studio Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3943

 |  LinkedIn » Chris brings more than 25 years of experience to the design of innovative workplace environments. A Principal...

Daniel Stromborg

Design Director

+1 213.243.8799

 |  LinkedIn » Daniel joined Gensler in 2014 as the Southwest Region's Director of Product Development. Daniel applies his...

David Herjeczki

Design Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3723

 |  LinkedIn » David leads design with a deep commitment to innovation and a mission to create a positive impact on people...

Deborah Shepley

Education Leader, Principal

+1 213.243.8828

 |  LinkedIn » Deborah is a principal and the global co-leader of Gensler's Education practice who has partnered with 45+...

Duncan Paterson

Lifestyle Sector Leader, Principal

+1 213.327.3680

 |  LinkedIn » Duncan has devoted more than 30 years to creating vibrant, experience-driven architecture. A global leader of...

Elizabeth Brink


+1 213.327.3683

 |  LinkedIn » Elizabeth is a Principal and Gensler’s Southwest Regional Director of Consulting. For more than a decade, she...

Eric Stultz

Studio Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3690

 |  LinkedIn » In addition to his role as a Design Director, Eric is the director of a studio focused on large-scale...

Gene Watanabe

Design Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3710

 |  LinkedIn » Gene is a Design Director and Studio Leader in the Los Angeles office. In more than 35 years with Gensler, Gene...

Guy Williams

SW Design Management Leader, Principal

+1 213.327.3636

 |  LinkedIn » A licensed architect, Guy has served in various leadership roles at Gensler since joining in 2003. He is a...

Irwin Miller

Culture & Museums Leader, Design Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3720

 |  LinkedIn » As a retail and lifestyle leader with over 25 years of experience, Irwin brings a unique design sensibility in...

John Circenis



 |  LinkedIn » John is a Principal in the Los Angeles office with more than 30 years of experience in architectural design and...

Keith Thompson

Aviation Leader, Studio Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3760

 |  LinkedIn » Keith is an Aviation Leader with nearly 40 years of experience leading terminal design, master planning, and...

Kevin Rosenstein

Consulting & Real Estate Services Leader, Studio Director, Principal

+1 213.243.8841

 |  LinkedIn » Kevin brings 25 years of diverse experience to the leadership of Gensler’s Los Angeles Consulting Studio, with...

Lee Pasteris

Design Director, Principal

+ 1 213.327.3884

 |  LinkedIn » Lee specializes in the creation of high-profile interiors for long-time Gensler clients like DreamWorks...

Li Wen

Design Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3719

With more than 25 years of experience, Li oversees Gensler’s design quality and talent development. A Design...

Nathan Kim

Community Sector Leader, Studio Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3875

 |  LinkedIn » In his role as global Community Sector Leader and Principal, Nathan combines more than 15 years of experience...

Olivier Sommerhalder


+1 213.327.3615

 |  LinkedIn » Olivier oversees design and realization for the Southwest region. A Gensler Principal, he supports a rigorous...

Peter Barsuk

Government & Defense Leader, Principal

+1 213.327.3743

 |  LinkedIn » Peter is a Government & Defense Leader; an expert in education, civic and office building projects; and a...

Ron Turner

Sports Leader, Studio Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3780

 |  LinkedIn » As a Sports Leader, Ron is one of the industry’s most recognized sports facility designers. His portfolio...

Stephanie Koenig

Regional Operating Officer, Principal

+1 213.327.3630

 |  LinkedIn » As the Regional Operating Officer for our Southwest Region, Stephanie is responsible for all financial and...

Terence Young

Aviation Leader, Design Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3807

 |  LinkedIn » With more than 25 years of experience in aviation and transportation, Terence has designed an impressive range...

Tom Ito

Hospitality Leader, Principal

+1 213.327.3730

 |  LinkedIn » Tom launched Gensler’s Hospitality practice in the late 1990s with the celebrated renovation of the Beverly...

Tom Sze

Design Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3838

 |  LinkedIn » Tom is a Studio Leader and Design Director in Gensler’s Los Angeles office. Known for his expertise in the...

Warwick Wicksman

Global Design Realization Leader, Principal

+1 213.327.3790

 |  LinkedIn » Warwick is a member of Gensler’s Management Committee and thrives on the technical aspects of Architecture. He...