Regional Leadership

Xiaomei Lee

Regional Managing Principal

+86 (21) 6135.1911

 |  LinkedIn » As Regional Managing Principal for the Greater China region, Xiaomei closely oversees the growth and...

Office Leadership

Jennifer Liu

Managing Director, Principal

+86 (21) 6135.0830

 |  LinkedIn » Jennifer is a Principal and Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s Shanghai office. A registered architect with more...

Todd Pilgreen

Co-Managing Director, Principal

+86 (21) 6135.0884

 |  LinkedIn » As Co-Managing Director for Gensler’s Shanghai Office, Todd leads a diverse practice of design professionals...


Amber Sun

Client Relationships Leader, Principal

+ 86 (21) 6135.1913

 |  LinkedIn » Amber is the Client Relationship Leader in the Shanghai office. For more than a decade, Amber has focused on...

Evan Gu

Design Leader, Technical Director, Principal

+86 (21) 6135.1910

 |  LinkedIn » As a Regional Design Purpose Leader for Greater China and Technical Director in Gensler’s Shanghai office, Evan...

Freck Qin

Studio Director, Principal

+86 (21) 6135.0845

 |  LinkedIn » A Principal in Gensler’s Shanghai Office, with close to 20 years of design and project management experience in...

Hasan A. Syed

Design Director, Principal

+86 (21) 6135.0814

 |  LinkedIn » Hasan brings design leadership to a wide range of architectural and research-driven projects. He believes that...

Jing Chang

Co-Studio Director, Principal

+86 (21) 61350856

Jing is a Co-Studio Director and Principal in Gensler’s Shanghai office. With over two decades of experience in...

Joe Fan

Technical Director, Principal

+86 (21) 6135.1932

 |  LinkedIn » With more than 20 years of experience in architectural design and construction, Joe serves as a Technical...

Raymon Chen

Technical Director, Principal

+86 (21) 6135.1942

 |  LinkedIn » A Technical Director based in Gensler's Shanghai office, Raymon has more than 20 years of experience in...

Susie Zhang

Large Project Committee Leader, Project Director, Principal

+86 (21) 61350843

Susie is a Project Director and Principal who joined Gensler in 2012. A versatile design manager with over 20...

Yun Hsueh

Studio Director, Building Transformation & Adaptive Reuse Leader, Principal

+86 (21) 6135.0831

 |  LinkedIn » Yun expertise a Studio Director in Gensler’s Shanghai office and Building Transformation & Adaptive Reuse...

Zhen Cheng

Client Relationships Leader, Co-Studio Director, Principal

+86 (21) 6135.1949

Zhen is a Client Relationships Leader and Co-Studio Director at Gensler with over 20 years of architectural...