Image courtesy of American Airlines and British Airways
American Airlines & British Airways check-in area at JFK International Airport. American Airlines & British Airways Chelsea Lounge bar. American Airlines & British Airways Soho Lounge.
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American Airlines & British Airways Premium Experience at JFK International Airport

Queens, New York

As part of British Airways co-locating with American Airlines in the newly expanded Terminal 8 at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Gensler was enlisted to design the new check-in and lounge experiences. Each of the two new lounges — Chelsea and Soho — offers streamlined concierge-style check-in areas and encourages guests to “choose their own adventure” in how they drink, dine, relax, and work through premium spaces that feature custom design elements. In the Chelsea lounge, guests are greeted by an exclusive champagne bar, a fireside lounge, and à la carte dining. The Soho lounge features a vibrant cocktail bar, a secluded library, a communal wine pouring table, and airside views. Private luxury shower suites are also available in both lounges.

Custom-designed digital panels with dynamic content of natural biomes act as living wallpaper to create a calming ambience before customers fly. The digital content refreshes the look and feel of the lounges from season to season. Centered around service and hospitality, the new co-located spaces successfully realize the airlines’ vision to provide a unified experience for their valued customers.