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Citrix Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Citrix partnered with Gensler to expand and renovate its workplace at Cambridge Science Park with the goal of providing workers with more choice between a variety of work settings powered by cutting-edge technology, while also creating a fun, vibrant social hub that encourages engagement, creativity, and productivity. Gensler created a highly flexible and functional space that is able to easily adapt to future growth and changes in the teams, and truly reflects its culture by seamlessly combining the global Citrix identity with local influences.

This project represents a significant adjustment in ways of working for the Citrix engineering teams, with a move away from assigned seating, helping the teams to shift their mindset and workstyles to be more hybrid, agile, and dynamic. The reimagined workspace was inspired by the concept, “tech meets human touch,” which is expressed through a juxtaposition of hard and soft, global and local, high-tech and human-oriented details, polished and textured, and digital and analogue features.