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A store with a glass display case.
A room with shelves and a table.
A store with shelves of clothing.
A store with a glass ceiling.
A person sitting on a bench.
A store with shelves and shoes.
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Multiple Locations

Facing an influx of competing global brands on their home turf, India-based menswear retailer ColorPlus partnered with Gensler to refresh its image. Extensive research gave the design team a deep understanding of the target customer and the ColorPlus brand, with craftsmanship, quality and authenticity at its core. The resulting refresh is a cohesive point of view that consistently focuses on inspiration, education and service across the portfolio of shop-in-shops, mall stores and flagships that range from 500 to 2,700 square feet. Gensler-designed custom fixtures enable flexibility for the three retail formats and easy set up in new locations.