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Gemdale South China Headquarters

Shenzhen, Guangzhou Province, China

Located in the CBD of Shenzhen’s Futian District, Gemdale Group’s South China headquarters set a new benchmark in workplace design for the client, in a modern space that aims to transform the real estate development and investment company’s previously closed working mode. Guided by insights from a visioning session, the Gensler Beijing design team arranged all offices, apart from the six-story executive area, next to the core area to provide employees with access to ample daylight. The workplace furniture was also updated from a closed L-shaped high-screen station to a low-screen to encourage more communication and collaboration.

The traditional Chinese courtyard concept is incorporated into the principles of neighborhood floor-planning throughout the corporate office, which supports a range of different work modes for various departments. On the sixth floor, the reception area is geared towards visitors, while the fifth floor reception area is mainly accessed by employees. An interconnecting stairway with a nearby pantry is designed to encourage more communication among employees across various departments. In the visitor route, Gemdale’s corporate culture is integrated through environmental art graphics while the inner area features themed employee walls, which foster a sense of culture and community.