Honor Life Store exterior. Honor Life Store smartphone display. Honor Life Store town hall space. Honor Life Store education table. Honor Life Store repair room. Honor Life Store co-working counter. Honor Life Store immersive product room. Honor Life Store immersive product room. A street with buildings on either side.
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Honor Life Store

Taiyuan, China

Gensler collaborated with Honor, one of the largest smartphone brands in China, to create a new experiential retail format designed to show off the lifestyle possibilities of the wide breadth of Honor’s technology products. Upon entering the double-height atrium store, the retail store reveals a seamless and inviting shopping experience. Designed for the ultimate consumer experience, Honor’s store design features a social gathering space on its first floor, where regular community talks and events are hosted, while visitors can also observe Honor’s team of engineers making repairs to devices in a 360-degree glazed repair room.

Other experiential elements put tactile and physical testing of Honor products on full display. Fitness products are displayed in a miniature gym-inspired space, allowing customers to simultaneously evaluate smart fitness watches, running headphones, and intelligent treadmills, and then cool down with IoT air fans and massage devices. Similar experiences are featured in an in-store home multimedia scene as well as a smart office-inspired zone.