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A building with glass walls.
A building with a glass front.
A large building with a courtyard and people walking around.
People sitting on benches in a park.
People sitting in chairs in a large room with glass walls and a large glass ceiling.
People walking around a building.
A group of people outside a building.
A large building with a courtyard and trees in front of it.
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Park Point

Durham, North Carolina

Park Point transforms the Triangle’s cutting-edge creative office and life science campus. Impactful and modern architecture, expansive use of glass for ample daylighting and views, as well as a new brand identity will help the campus attract life sciences and other technology companies. The adaptive re-use of the 100-acre campus, including 650,000 square feet of revitalized facilities, will bring a dynamic and invigorating element to Research Triangle Park, inspiring visionary ideas for the future.