People in a restaurant. A few people sitting at a table. People sitting at tables. A person sitting in a chair in a room with a purple wall. Graphical user interface. A group of people sitting at a table in a room with a large screen. A group of people in a room. A row of red doors. A person standing in a room with tables and chairs. A person riding a bike through a doorway. A room with a screen and chairs. A hallway with a wood floor. A street sign on a wall.
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Salesforce - One Rincon Place

San Francisco, California

This workspace for Salesforce accommodates a company-wide community events hall and amenities for employees from multiple locations, both local and abroad. Because of its broad and international visitor pool, the design concept evolved from a Hawaiian aesthetic to a broader metropolitan/urban appeal while still building on the colorful success of Salesforce’s 50 Fremont Center workplace. Four huge workplace floors maintain a personal scale through thoughtful and intimate breakout spaces and graphics that surprise and delight. Unfinished plywood, graffiti and paint-can graphics, along with street-inspired patterns capture both the city’s spirit and the energy and fast pace of Salesforce’s business.