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Confidential Software Company

Tokyo, Japan



To signify this software company’s introduction to the Japanese market, a distinctive maritime theme is woven throughout its new workplace, most notably embodied by an entrance corridor that recreates the interior of a ship overlooking the water. To establish a branded workplace, Gensler interpreted and amplified the existing design concept to create an immersive and productive work environment.

Vistors’s anticipation and curiosity is built through the transitional entrance portal, a vibrant reception, and a spacious, welcoming cafe named “the dockyard.” This dynamic space not only encourages communication and collaboration among employees but it also facilitates client-facing operations and meetings. The dedicated work zone, referred to as “the market” of ideas, incorporates meeting rooms with varying functionalities and characteristics to accommodate a wide range of tasks. Working in collaboration with the furniture designer, Gensler designed the nautical-inspired office with the overall objective of enhancing the workplace experience, enriching office amenities, and providing more open spaces that foster teamwork.


日本市場への参入を象徴したユニークなデザインコンセプトはMaritime(海洋)。入港する船内を表現した通路を抜けると、明るいレセプションと広々としたカフェエリアがゲストを迎える。 「ドックヤード」と呼ばれるこのエリアは、従業員同士の交流やコラボレーションをサポートするほか、外部との打ち合わせ場所としても活用できる。アイデアの「マーケット」と名付けられた執務エリアには、様々な用途に合わせて利用できる異なるセッティングのミーティングルームを設置。家具デザイナーと共に、社内アメニティを充実させた開放的なスペースを構築し、チームワークの促進と職場体験の向上を実現させた。