Springdale Green
Text, letter. A few books on a table. A hand holding a coffee cup. A bottle of liquid and a picture of a plant. A person holding a phone and a laptop.
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Springdale Green Brand Identity

Austin, Texas

Inspired by the vibrancy of East Austin and nature, Springdale Green is a new kind of office campus designed to attract a modern, creative workforce. Sustainability, wellness, and communing with nature are keystone features of the Springdale Green campus which is characterized by a wholly restored urban oasis. Springdale Green’s brand identity reflects the development’s deep commitment to these values and the evergreen creativity that arises from them.

With well-developed research and understanding of the surrounding neighborhood, Springdale Green’s name and identity were created as a celebration of the neighborhood and site. Environmentally conscious and with the site materials in mind a soft, earthy pallet and sinuous shapes that evoke natural forms were developed to create a unified look for brand collateral and user touchpoints, such as marketing materials, signage, and wayfinding. Integration of the brand identity further extends into the digital realm via the development’s website, lifestyle video, and even their sales suite where we developed environmental graphic touchpoints to tell their story.