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The Coca-Cola Company
Central Reception Building
Brand Design

Atlanta, Georgia

The Coca-Cola Company’s Central Reception Building offers visitors to its headquarters a first taste of the brand’s historic legacy and vision for the future. The rotunda’s center contains multiple brand moments, both clear and understated, including an original 1949 yellow delivery truck as an homage to Robert Woodruff, who owned White Motor Company before his tenure at the company, and the modern terrazzo floor infused with pieces of recycled Coke bottles. Subtle branding continues with the adjacent guest lounge’s floor-to-ceiling red banquette and white 3D-printed Coke bottles hanging over the space as glass-front coolers display the full range of Coca-Cola brands. Finally, a meticulous recreation of Woodruff’s original office upstairs contains memorabilia and an adjacent museum wall includes artifacts like the original Six-Pack.