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The Future Experience of Work: Expand the Vision of What’s Possible

Mid-pandemic, during a time of extreme uncertainty, this confidential global technology client enlisted Gensler to define ways in which its people and businesses could more nimbly adjust and flourish in this new hybrid world.

The combination of Gensler’s extensive industry knowledge, breadth of insights, and the client’s steadfast commitment to learn from behaviors changed by the pandemic, was a unique opportunity to create a focused and deeply collaborative research effort. This novel, co-led process enabled our client to explore and learn beside us while simultaneously imparting invaluable organization-specific intelligence into the work stream, resulting in particularly tailored outcomes.

To embark on this challenge, we held in-depth research training sessions to equip our client team with the right mindset and tools. The research explored 21 domains of inquiry, such as Trust & Agency, Socioeconomic Lifestyle, and Organizational Culture. Methods of research included internal-client, peer, industry, and futures research to ensure a holistic measure was attained.

As a result, we developed three compelling possible future scenarios for the client to assess. These scenarios were brought to life through a series of concepts, stories, and illustrations to make the thought process more immediate and tangible to a broader compendium of stakeholders. This work presented the client with a critical foundation to build upon for the technology company’s hybrid future — from conceptual development and design to experience programs and guidelines.