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Unity Benning Road

Washington, D.C.

A joint collaboration between Unity Health Care and Howard University Hospital delivers equitable access to high-quality, affordable health care with a state-of-the-art health center in Washington D.C.’s underserved Ward 7 and 8 areas. The two-story clinic is located east of the Anacostia River within a mixed-use building that will also host affordable housing and low-income job training programs on-site. The innovative full-service health care destination is designed to meet the diverse needs of patients, who have historically lacked local access to specialty health care providers. The facility features 52 exam rooms, 10 consult rooms, six dental operatories, and five procedure rooms to offer comprehensive treatment for primary and specialty medical care, behavioral health, dental, urgent care, as well as WIC, laboratory and pharmacy services. Friendly pops of color define zones and offer clear wayfinding throughout the space, which is organized around six modular team pods.