Transforming Mixed Use and Retail Centers
Reengaging Our Public Spaces

Mixed use environments present incredible opportunities to support diverse, equitable, and healthy places. Places that are safer, more secure, and provide for a myriad range of activities and interactions. Places of commercial opportunity that sustainably leverage resources within a resilient framework. And places that support the needs and aspirations of our clients, residents, tenants, and visitors. Based upon our research and work with clients across the globe, Gensler offers the design expertise, services, and understanding of the influences that will envision the resilient shared spaces of the future.

On Tuesday, July 21, Gensler Mixed Use Leaders J.F. Finn, Vaki Mawema, Bea De Paz, and Duncan Paterson joined Global Practice Areas Leader Ray Shick to host a webinar. The conversation reviews considerations for renewing a focus on health and wellness in mixed use spaces and retail centers, refocusing on the community to support sustainable neighborhoods, and reimagining the future of the public realm with resilient hybrid spaces.

The experts offer advice on strategies for immediate actions and future planning to enhance the future of community spaces, open spaces, flexible and hackable environments, and hybrid places of the future. The discussion also includes guidance on select tools and services to quickly develop data and action plans for rapid planning and implementation, as well as interim solutions that pivot building and tenant experiences towards future needs, and long-term strategies and solutions to plan for a healthier environment, enhanced user experience, and more leverage from real estate assets.

Watch the webinar and download Gensler’s Transforming Mixed Use and Retail Centers Guidebook to learn more about how we’re working with clients to address strategies and solutions that not only get us back to mixed use environments and retail centers, but also prepare us for their long-term future.

J.F. Finn, III
J.F. is a global leader in Gensler’s Mixed Use & Retail Centers practice. He has devoted more than 35 years of professional experience to the leadership of large-scale, multidisciplinary projects that combine long-range vision with conscientious adherence to client goals and objectives. His extensive portfolio ranges from community master plans and transit facilities to international resorts and mixed-use developments. J.F. is based in Los Angeles. Contact him at .
Vaki Mawema
As Co-Managing Director of Gensler Baltimore, Vaki has created a team-based design culture that embodies creative passion, innovation, and rigor. He is well-known within the commercial real estate industry as an expert and thought leader in retail center and mixed-use design as well as business leadership. Contact him at .
Beatriz De Paz
Bea is a design director with a background in highly experiential project types and a strong portfolio in customer journey and placemaking. Her approach to design is infused by her unique international experience and her ability to move from concept design to hands-on technical work. Bea is based in San José, Costa Rica. Contact her at .
Duncan Paterson
Duncan is a studio director and global Mixed Use & Retail Centers leader. He has devoted more than 30 years to creating vibrant, experience-driven architecture. His expertise is reflected in a vast portfolio of major mixed-use retail centers, hotels, large-scale entertainment and urban plans throughout the world. Duncan is based in Los Angeles. Contact him at .