Are today’s communities prepared for our rapidly growing, healthy, and savvy aging population?

Research Project Name

Building Boomtown

What We Did

Our team conducted secondary research on aging and reviewed Gensler’s relevant project work to develop a knowledge foundation for our study of “intergenerational communities,” or a location that promotes the well-being, contributions, and mutual support of all age groups. Next, we conducted expert interviews across myriad industries that are, or will soon be, subject to the upcoming surge of Boomers—from real estate developers to health practitioners. We explored trends and policies in senior living, community development, health and wellness, longevity, and living and working environments. Our questions related to best practices, industry trends, and how each industry is addressing multigenerational wants and needs.

We then took the current framework on intergenerational communities a step further, and developed our “BoomTown Community” model: a community for all ages that fosters interaction across generations as they live, work, and play. Our design strives for a diverse environment that promotes healthy living, provides choices in working and playing, and offers vital services that address the changing needs of the community. The culmination of our research was a dinner salon held at Gensler’s DC office, attended by many thought leaders in the region. Our goal was to document current best practices and thinking around the formation and design of these communities. Ultimately, our discussion crystallized our shared vision for a BoomTown future.

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Laura Latham, Lee Lindahl, Amy Weinstein, Tama Duffy Day, Erik Lucken, Olivier Sommerhalder

Year Completed