How can we leverage generative design to accelerate test-fitting processes for modular buildings?

Research Project Name

Generative Design Tool for Modular Buildings

What We Did

We created a rapid test-fit toolkit to help designers generate multiple hotel configurations quickly and dynamically in the early stages of the design process. We first identified critical variables and parameters across modular projects, and then summarized their design rules. Our toolkit is informed by the tools and methods applied to current modular projects — their key elements, requirements, and layouts in response to varying site conditions. We translated these design constraints into a visual programming language including modular unit dimensions, corridor widths, core dimensions, and site setbacks. Then we established a series of inputs that correspond to those design constraints. Finally, we tested, debugged, and created our user interface.

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Zhifei Cheng, Chad Yoshinobu, Kyle Martin, Case Creal, Jon Stras

Year Completed