How can we integrate IoT sensing into a mixed-methods approach?

Research Project Name

Using IoT Technology to Drive Evidence-Based Design

What We Did

We piloted the integration of IoT sensor information into an evidence-based design approach, using Gensler’s New York office as a case study. To do this, we outfitted Gensler’s New York office with 1,500 sensors connected to lighting and some electrical outlets, creating a network that tracks daylight levels, occupancy, temperature, and energy consumption relative to spatial idiosyncrasies. Our pilot analysis focused specifically on lighting and occupancy data, and analysis of that data as part of a mixed-methods approach including survey (WPIxSM), observational (ObserveSM), and room booking data to capture occupancy on one floor of Gensler’s New York office. We then outlined next steps for data visualization, a dashboard, and further methodological refinements to make our framework a reality.

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David Briefel, Islay Burgess, Stephanie Park, Chang-Yeon Cho, Ben Prager, Johnny He

Year Completed