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What is the nature of multi-generational travel, and can we better accommodate it?

Research Project Name

Vacation in 3G

What We Did

Multi-generational travel, or "3G travel," is on the rise — and most of today’s travel accommodation options aren’t designed to support it. To better understand the needs of 3G travelers, we investigated the behavioral drivers of 3G travel, through a focus on residents of the United Kingdom. We then examined consequential shifts in industry and design.

We launched a 15-minute, online survey focused on people who had taken a recent vacation with members of at least two other generations. Results totaled 300 respondents including employees from our Gensler London office, consultants, clients, suppliers, and London Metropolitan University Interior Design students.

After aggregating our data set, we categorized travel type by location and accommodation to garner insights into the motivators behind different choices. To add a layer of nuance to this information, we conducted in-depth research into the social and cultural influences behind travel habits of different generations.

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Florent Duperrin, Anna Kirkham, Khue Thuy Tran, and Amii Yokouchi

Year Completed