Meet Our Team

At Gensler, people are our greatest asset. We are a constellation of many stars.

Each of our team members represents the best talent within their discipline, bringing a unique point of view to the table. We are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive workforce. As a global firm, we come from a multitude of backgrounds, and we value a variety of ideas and perspectives. As interior designers, product designers, architects, graphic designers, web designers, urban designers, master planners, brand strategists, real estate consultants, information management experts, accountants, marketers, human resource professionals, and more, we are committed to Gensler’s vision of making great design work for our clients and communities around the globe. We invite you to make your mark within this dialogue.


Humorous. Insightful. Clever. Gensler team members from around the world answer this question in an episode of GenslerTV.

“My favorite part of working here is the feeling of belonging to something big, powerful, and influential. I love having knowledgeable colleagues within reach. I’ve learned how important team work is and how interpersonal skills are just as important as design and technical skills.”
–Jennifer Habelito, Gensler Seattle, Interior Design

“My favorite part of working here is the ‘attitude.’ At formal design reviews or even in passing conversations, there is a sense of creative urgency. The office culture encourages experimentation and reinvention. This attitude, coupled with Gensler’s resources, creates a workspace conducive to the creation of some great ideas. I am inspired by my colleagues as much as the architecture. There are very bright minds here that are willing to listen, challenge, and teach. I have heard architects who have been here for 20+ years say that every day feels like they only just started.”
–Aric Yarberry, Gensler Los Angeles, Architecture

“The projects and people at Gensler stimulate and motivate me to be a better designer every single day. I enjoy the culture of the firm. You hear people talk all the time about how unique Gensler is in that sense. I’m challenged on a daily basis to learn and grow. Learning can be very uncomfortable, but there are always people who are guiding and mentoring me. I think that’s one of the things that makes Gensler so special.”
–Savannah Roberts, Gensler San Francisco, Interior Design