Regional Leadership

Robin Klehr Avia

Regional Managing Principal

+1 212.492.8611

Robin Klehr Avia’s leadership is the hallmark of her professional reputation — whether she is setting a...

Joseph Brancato

Regional Managing Principal

+1 212.492.1541

Joe is a Co-Managing Principal for Gensler’s Northeast and Latin America regions and Vice Chairman of the...

Julia Simet

Regional Managing Principal

+1 212.492.8644

Julia is Co-Managing Principal for the Northeast region and a member of Gensler’s Board of Directors and...

Office Leadership

Rocco Giannetti

Managing Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1539

Rocco is a Principal and Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s New York office. He has also been a Firmwide Leader...

Joseph Lauro

Managing Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8692

One of the firm’s most versatile architects and managers, Joseph embodies Gensler’s philosophy that diversity...

Molly Murphy

Managing Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1509

As Managing Director of the New York office, Molly champions collaboration, design innovation, and...


Ambrose Aliaga-Kelly

Technical Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8696

Ambrose is recognized for his knowledge of Manhattan’s commercial office building inventory and his ability to...

Jean Anderson

Firmwide Design Experience Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.1564

Jean is Gensler's Global Leader for Design Experience, working across all offices to ensure that Gensler...

Brian Berry

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1513

Brian is a Principal, Design Director and Global Client Relationships Leader in our New York office. He is...

John Bricker

Creative Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8667

John founded Gensler’s Retail and Branding studio in 1980, and he has played a pivotal role in the practice’s...

Timothy Bromiley

Firmwide Professional Services Firms Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.1618

Many of the world’s largest and most influential law firms and other professional services clients call upon...

Marc Bruffett

Studio Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1569

Marc serves dual roles as the Northeast Regional Leader for Gensler’s Consulting Practice Area and as a Studio...

Madeline Burke-Vigeland


+1 212.492.8699

Maddy has a broad portfolio of projects and a reputation as a leader of successful collaborations with...

Becky Button

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.2734

Becky initiates workplace projects of all sizes and complexities with a common foundation: client engagement...

Amanda Carroll

Firmwide Technology Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.8639

As a Firmwide Technology Practice Area Leader, Amanda identifies trends that impact business strategy and...

Marisol Champoonote-DeRosa

Firmwide Financial Services Firms Practice Area Leader

+1 212.492.1606

Marisol is a Strategy Director based in Gensler’s New York office with strong expertise in the financial...

Kathy Diamond

Regional Operating Officer, Director of Human Resources, Principal

+1 212.492.8609

Kathy is a Regional Operating Officer and Director of Human Resources for Gensler’s Northeast and Latin America...

Sonya Dufner

Client Relationships Management Committee Member, Financial Services Firms Practice Area Strategic Advisor, Principal

+1 212.492.2731

Sonya is a member of Gensler’s Client Relationships Management Committee, an advisor to the Financial Services...

David Epstein

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1511

David is a highly respected and award-winning designer of cities, commercial office buildings, museums...

Robert Fuller

Studio Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8695

With a background in both architectural design and city and regional planning, Robert leads a studio in...

Andrew Garnar-Wortzel

Firmwide Consulting Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.1438

Andrew is Strategy Director with Gensler in New York. He is also a Firmwide Leader of Gensler's Consulting...

Michael Gatti

Studio Director, Principal

+ 1 212.492.8615

Michael leads Gensler’s Northeast Regional Retail Practice Area and the New York office’s Lifestyle studio. A...

Lydia Gould

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8662

Lydia is a Principal and Design Director in Gensler’s New York office. She helped establish Gensler’s...

Jan Gross

Critical Facilities Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.8660

Jan is a Studio Director in our New York office and a Leader of the Critical Facilities Practice Area. He is...

William Heyer

+1 212.492.3256

An experienced project manager, William leads interior architectural projects for some of Gensler’s most...

Leslie J. Jabs

Studio Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1547

Leslie leads Gensler’s Northeast Regional Commercial Office Building Developers Practice Area and has also...

Kathleen Jordan

Retail Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.1630

Based in Gensler’s New York office, Kathleen has led award-winning projects for some of the retail industry’s...

Joshua Katz

Studio Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8647

The diversity of Josh's portfolio reflects his innate ability to integrate knowledge from a wide range of...

Tom Lanzelotti

Technical Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8629

Tom is a go-to resource in the New York real estate industry for building evaluations and phased, complex...

Joseph Lauro

Managing Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8692

One of the firm’s most versatile architects and managers, Joseph embodies Gensler’s philosophy that diversity...

EJ Lee

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.468.4461

EJ provides design leadership to Gensler offices in the Northeast and is known as an expert in large corporate...

Laurent Lisimachio

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1623

Since joining Gensler in 2000, Laurent has developed a breadth of experience working with brands across retail...

Kenneth Lunstead

Studio Director, Principal

+1 212.484.2443

Ken is a Principal and Studio Director in Gensler’s New York office, as well as a Firmwide Account Relationship...

Carlos Martínez

Firmwide Consumer Goods Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.3214

For more than 30 years, Crlos has provided thought leadership and innovative solutions in architecture, design...

Mark Morton

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8693

Mark is known for his exceptional designs of large headquarters projects. One of the most sought-after...

Paul Murphy

Director of Finance, Regional Operating Officer, Principal

+1 212.492.8601

As Regional Operating Officer for Gensler’s Northeast and Latin America Regions, Paul provides financial...

Beth Novitsky

Firmwide Brand Design Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.1648

To her role as Firmwide Brand Design Practice Area Leader, Beth brings more than 25 years of experience in the...

Amanda Ramos

Firmwide Not-for-Profit Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.1689

In today’s business environment, where the word “innovation” is often overused, Amanda helps her clients...

Keith Rosen

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.468.4437

A Design Director in Gensler’s New York office, Keith has more than three decades of experience designing...

Johnathan Sandler

Firmwide Media Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.3079

Johnathan digs deep to uncover how an organization works, its business objectives, and ways the new environment...

Bevin Savage-Yamazaki

Firmwide Arts & Culture Practice Area Leader

+ 1 212.492.1585

With a passion for all aspects of culture and the arts, Bevin leads Gensler’s Firmwide Practice in the design...

Stefanie Shunk

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1549

From cutting-edge technology centers to re-imagined corporate headquarters to immersive visitor experiences...

Jim Simon

Firmwide Critical Facilities Practice Area Leader

+1 212.492.1483

During his 24 years at Gensler, Jim has cultivated a reputation as a go-to resource for the design of...

Thomas Vecchione

Design Director, Workplace Strategist, Principal

+1 212.492.1579

Tom is a recognized expert in the fields of real estate strategy and workplace innovation. Top developers...

Peter Wang

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1462

Peter continually finds ways to innovate, delight, and inspire. He brings a breadth of knowledge from building...

Scott Wilson

Developer Practice Area Leader

+1 212.468.4479

Scott specializes in building repositioning and helps clients maximize their ROI by melding real estate...

Ed Wood

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1522

Ed continually seeks to create inspired and memorable work and prides himself on balancing highly creative and...