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2000 Avenue of the Stars

Los Angeles, California

With its frame-like form, 2000 Avenue of the Stars pays homage to the iconic Century Plaza Towers while maintaining a strong identity across the Los Angeles skyline. Gensler transformed the existing 30-year-old facility to create a mixed-use complex that provides 750,000 square feet of office space as well as retail, restaurant, cultural amenities, and subterranean parking.

2000 Avenue of the Stars incorporates sustainable features such as insulating low-emittance windows and outside air economizers that bring in air to supplement the building’s HVAC system. Through those and other measures, including solar-shading devices on the south façade, the design cut 16% of the energy needed to run the building and reduced 20% of the project’s water consumption, making it one of the most energy-efficient buildings in Los Angeles upon its completion.