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Gold Coast Beverage Headquarters

Pompano Beach, Florida

The renovation of Gold Coast Beverage’s headquarters in Pompano Beach encompassed 15 acres of site work, customer arrival and parking areas, and a new 40,000-sq.-ft. office building attached to an existing 450,000-sq.-ft. warehouse. The transformative project includes the renovation of both the exterior and interior, including the removal of a pre-engineered addition. The sunny southern Florida climate and the area’s modern, clean architecture drove the headquarters design, which also focuses on smart natural light, cooling, and shading management. Tiger Joe's bar, a featured element throughout several of Gold Coast Beverage’s workplaces, offers a flexible, multi-functional space that serves as an employee cafe, demonstration bar, and public event space. It opens to an outdoor patio which floods the space with ample natural light and captures the essence of Florida's indoor-outdoor living.