Anta Shanghai Flagship
A high angle view of a building.
A building with a sign on the front.
A store front with a few people.
A close up of a keyboard.
People walking up a staircase.
A group of people walking up a staircase.
A few white panels.
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Anta Shanghai Flagship

Shanghai, China

Anta's next-generation flagship premiered as a central piece of the prominent retail pedestrian section of East Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Featuring an Olympic theme, the store design adheres to Anta's "Keep Moving" brand statement. The design team adopted the gym as the thematic inspiration for the experience, supporting China's new health-conscious consumer movement. By combining Gym-style with digitally activated lighting, we created an active sports environment that changes the space to reflect the latest products and campaigns. The sneaker mezzanine is the core spatial element in the store. Functional product displays, a dynamic 600-shoe digital installation that celebrates the brand's history, and large-scale environmental graphics that highlight Anta's Olympic efforts all combine to create a vertical circulation path that draws customers throughout the space.