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Cadillac House

Shanghai, China

Building off the success of the Gensler-designed Cadillac House Soho in New York, Cadillac House in Shanghai is a synergistic effort accomplished across Gensler teams in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Shanghai. The project expresses the "world within Cadillac," an inward expression of the company's past, present, and future; and "Cadillac in the world," an outward perspective focused on its global image. To expand on the well-established brand values rooted in American tradition, a thematic, three-level visitor journey with hospitality at the ground level, education on the second floor, an art-gallery and exclusivity at the third. As visitors ascend, engagement with the brand deepens, with cultural moments, digital and tactile exhibits, a music library, materials display, interactive touchpoints, and personalized moments to create a holistic journey.