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Influencing Change for the Future of Work: L’Oréal


In uniting five entities across various global locations within its new headquarters at One Singapore, L’Oréal sought to create the best conditions for nourishing company culture as well as affirming its position as the #1 beauty company in the world.

Aligned with the beauty company’s vision of Simplicity in Action — an ambition to bring people together in a modern space that enables collaboration, promotes innovation, and drives professional and personal growth — Gensler developed a strategy that leverages L’Oréal’s people. To encourage participation and incorporate local customs, the strategy team defined and co-created best practices and new ways of working with leadership, managers, and nominated ambassadors, taking care to maintain alignment between diverse stakeholders. To support comprehensive outreach, Gensler also cascaded change messaging that is multi-channel (workshops, meetings, interviews, digital collaterals, etc.), multi-action (exposure, communication, training, events) and multi-site (within the entities and global seminars), taking care to implement a tone that resonates with L’Oreal’s brand identity and culture.

Gensler delivered an integrated change program for the workplace that was anchored by regular engagement sessions and communication collaterals that were comprehensive in form, consolidated under a strong graphic identity, consistent in tone, and sustained in the frequency of their outreach.