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Samsung 2.0

Sydney, Australia

The Samsung brand evolved both aesthetically and experientially since the opening of its Studio 1.0 in 2016 in Westfield Chatswood, a busy shopping centre in Sydney’s North Shore. Samsung partnered with Gensler Sydney to reimagine the design and experience of its original studio to create Samsung Studio 2.0 — a new space that reflects and celebrates Samsung’s Brand DNA in an experiential retail environment that creates desire and breaks boundaries.

The retail project balances fostering customer engagement and experience and offers a bold, innovative, and inviting range of product displays — all within a footprint of just 30 square metres. Innovative touchpoints, like a Recharge and Go bar, are placed at the perimeter to invite shoppers outside the tenancy line to engage with the Samsung Studio by offering a wireless charging point, creating a moment to linger without committing to enter the retail space.