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Terminal Warehouse Marketing Center

New York, New York

The Terminal Warehouse Marketing Center — located inside the Terminal Warehouse in West Chelsea — harnesses the unique history of its location in former freight depot to create a new workplace destination that showcases an eclectic collection of experiences. The marketing center, designed by Gensler, represents a culmination and extension of the overall leasing strategy for Terminal Warehouse. Featuring flexible working areas, the center of the space is anchored by a coffee bar with a vibrant flower installation. Building artifacts, including a bird cage previously used for dancing and the repurposed original rail doors, create unique, tactile moments of unexpected discovery.

Throughout the marketing center, curated environmental graphics support wayfinding as well as moments of exploration and surprise. Graphics are used to create smaller ‘destinations’ within the space, such as one corner’s large-scale framed street map, printed on a corkboard, creates a sense of placemaking while providing a place to pin local information. Old-school train tickets, designed to look like the original train boarding passes, feature information about the building, and can be torn off as keepsakes. A branding style guide and additional collateral — including umbrellas, tote bags, and custom candles, which feature a sketch of the building and a signature scent that recalls the wood beams of the original building — are curated touchpoints that continue the storytelling beyond the building’s four walls. This site fosters a connection to arts and culture with a customer experience that leaves the visitor energized, introspective, and inspired by the Terminal Warehouse’s possibilities.