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Thorntree Houston Showroom

Houston, Texas

Thorntree Slate, a Texas-based purveyor of natural stone, glass, and tile, reinvented its showroom through strategic, simplified product integrations to evoke a new, creative design approach. Immediately, clients are drawn to the immaculate reception desk sculpted from a salvaged block of Portuguese marble. The entry flooring features three-colored porcelain tiles in a trompe l’oeil geometric pattern, creating the optical illusion of depth. An expansive, multifunctional showroom draws clients inward to engage with its artful displays and contemplate the possibilities of each product. Enhanced by area-defining sheer fabric panels, the voluminous showroom is reconfigurable to accommodate private and collaborative meeting spaces along with a refreshment zone for entertaining clients and hosting larger social gatherings. The creative journey concludes at the showroom’s petite five-by-five restroom, devoted to the many virtues of calacatta marble. The result is an unexpected jewel box of functionality.