Retail in a Changing World
Strategies for Reimagining Shopper Engagement

Brands and consumers alike are grappling with unprecedented challenges that have accelerated the need to evaluate a variety of strategies that just months ago felt long-term or unproven. Based on our work with clients across the globe, Gensler offers space guidelines, proprietary tools, and services for what our retail clients need now, in the near term, and in the long-term.

On Tuesday, July 28, Gensler Retail Leaders Lara Marrero, Aaron Birney, and Richard Chang joined Global Practice Areas Leader Ray Shick to host a webinar. The conversation focuses on responding to the current state of the retail market, as well as reassessing the challenges brands are facing and factoring in new consumer habits while reimagining an enhanced cross-channel retail experience.

The discussion features strategic approaches to focus on innovation and engagement during this time of disruption, including evolving the store format and right-sizing portfolios, expanding offerings like a click & collect curbside pick-up model and virtual store engagement, and advice to bring stores to the community to magnify community engagement and empowerment. The retail experts offer guidance on select tools and services to quickly respond to the immediate needs of brands and customers, as well as interim solutions that generate brand engagement and refocus the brand towards future needs, and long-term strategies and solutions to prepare and plan for a more dynamic customer experience across all channels.

Watch the webinar and download Gensler’s Retail in a Changing World Guidebook to learn more about how we’re working with clients on strategies and solutions that not only address immediate retail re-entry needs, but also prepare us for reimagining shopper engagement within enhanced retail environments.

Lara Marrero
Lara is a Principal, Strategy Director, and Global Retail & Consumer Experience Leader at Gensler with over 20 years of experience spanning retail, hospitality, and lifestyle and entertainment experiences. She translates complex global consumer trends into innovative and powerful strategies that generate engagement between brands, places, and people. Lara is based in London. Contact her at .
Aaron Birney
Aaron is a principal and design director who helps lead Gensler’s global lifestyle sector. With more than 20 years of experience, Aaron’s portfolio highlights his talent for creatively translating brands to the built environment through a range of award-winning projects. Aaron is based in Los Angeles. Contact him at .
Richard Chang
Richard leads high-profile retail projects for internationally renowned retailers out of Gensler’s Shanghai office, guiding his clients through complex projects in China and throughout the region with his strong leadership and cross-cultural communication skills. With 13 years of focused experience in Asia’s retail market, Richard is particularly adept at prototype design and strategic planning. Contact him at