The Global Workplace Survey Comparison 2023 from the Gensler Research Institute surveyed 14,000 workers across nine countries and three continents to understand shifts in how employees across the world are working. Globally, one trend is clear: hybrid work is here to stay, but so is the office.

In this webinar, Gensler Toronto Strategy Director Kevin Katigbak, Gensler Vancouver Senior Strategist Garima Gupta, and Gensler Vancouver Senior Designer Sian Ives unveil the gaps and opportunities in the Canadian office market. Together, they delve into the trends shaping the future of work in Canada.

Watch the webinar and download Gensler’s Global Workplace Survey Comparison 2023.

Kevin Katigbak
Kevin is a Principal and Strategy Director in Gensler’s Toronto office who leads teams that focus on developing real estate and workplace strategies to support businesses and communities. He has worked with innovative companies to help create and implement high-performance, people-focused workplaces that leverage both changing technologies and shifting employee expectations. Contact him at .
Garima Gupta headshot
Garima Gupta
Garima is a Senior Workplace Strategist in Gensler’s Northwest region. She has worked with a diverse range of industry-leading global clients in the technology, sciences, consumer goods, and public sectors. With a background in interior design and expertise in mixed methods research, she crafts comprehensive and tailored narratives that define the workspace, culture, policy, and processes for organizations. Garima is based in Gensler’s Vancouver office. Contact her at .
Sian Ives headshot
Sian Ives
Sian is a Senior Interior Designer in Gensler’s Vancouver office. With over 20 years of experience in the design industry, she has worked on varied projects across education, healthcare, public, hospitality, and corporate. Sian has a passion for innovative design, attuned to the importance of the environment we live in. Contact her at .
Michelle Roundell
Michelle is the Client Relationship Leader for Gensler’s Vancouver office. She directs strategic business planning and drives business development through ongoing industry engagement, manages the creative efforts on workplace and interiors projects, and oversees the early design phases to ensure success. Contact her at .
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Download the full Global Workplace Survey Comparison 2023 to explore how the workplace can respond to the global and regional patterns of work. Our data provides key insights into where design interventions can be made to improve the overall effectiveness and experience of the modern office.