The latest Canada Workplace Survey from the Gensler Research Institute uncovered a surprising shift in the top reason workers want to return to the office: they are seeking diverse environments that better enable team and individual productivity.

Complementing the need for a range of spaces that support both individual and virtual work, a desire for a new mix of experiences is also driving what workers want from the workplace in Canada. As our clients consider the future of their workplaces, data from our Canadian Workplace Survey provides key insights into employees’ desire for choice, flexibility, and variety.

In this webinar, Gensler’s Global Director Workplace Research Janet Pogue McLaurin, Gensler Toronto Strategy Director Kevin Katigbak, and Gensler Vancouver Senior Workplace Design Strategist Garima Gupta offer guidance on the future of work in Canada, including:

  • What’s working in the office as workers return
  • What’s not working in the office to support critical work activities
  • What’s missing that may drive space effectiveness and a great experience

Methodology: The Gensler Research Institute conducted an anonymous, panel-based survey of 1,972 Canada-based office workers between June 14, 2022 and September 11, 2022. Respondents excluded workers who had not yet returned to the office since the start of the pandemic.

Watch the webinar and download Gensler’s Canada Workplace Survey 2022.

Janet Pogue McLaurin
Janet is a principal and Global Director Workplace Research who has been instrumental in leading Gensler’s global Workplace Surveys and Workplace Performance Index® (WPIx) client tool. A registered architect, widely published writer, and speaker, she is focused on the critical issues affecting the development of workplace strategy and design of innovative workplace environments for a variety of clients. Janet is based in Washington, D.C. Contact her at .
Kevin Katigbak
Kevin is a Principal and Strategy Director in Gensler’s Toronto office who leads teams that focus on developing real estate and workplace strategies to support businesses and communities. He has worked with innovative companies to help create and implement high-performance, people-focused workplaces that leverage both changing technologies and shifting employee expectations. Contact him at .
Garima Gupta headshot
Garima Gupta
Garima is a Senior Workplace Strategist in Gensler’s Northwest region. She has worked with a diverse range of industry-leading global clients in the technology, sciences, consumer goods, and public sectors. With a background in interior design and expertise in mixed methods research, she crafts comprehensive and tailored narratives that define the workspace, culture, policy, and processes for organizations. Garima is based in Gensler’s Vancouver office. Contact her at .

Download the full Canada Workplace Survey 2022 to explore how the workplace can offer experiences and spaces that respond to the needs and desires of Canadian-based office workers. Our data provides key insights into where key interventions can be made to improve the overall effectiveness and experience of the modern office.