Research Project Name

Adjusting for Bias in the Workplace

What We Did

This research intends to address the impact that bias perceptions have on creating inclusive and diverse work experiences. Ethically, this research raises serious questions about how we can acknowledge bias and create psychologically safe spaces in the workplace for Black employees in every organization. To address both the practical opportunities and ethical dilemmas posed by bias in the workplace, we have developed a process for engaging in conversations with diverse communities about equity and inclusion. We have also exposed the current workplace challenges shared by members of the Black community in the workplace. The three key findings of the research highlighted critical opportunities to address bias, including building trust, creating psychologically safe environments, and reframing the conversation around what it means to bring your “whole self” to work.

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Jacob Simons, Jescelle Major, Olaitan Awomolo, Taylor Kneuven, Ellie Damashek, Ryan Collier, Diana Chong, Katie Kaiser, Zsuzsi Nagy, Natalie Engels

Year Completed