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How can we more rapidly create building facade options, and decide which facade to use through comparative analysis?

Research Project Name

Leveraging Dynamo to Create Dynamic Facades

What We Did

To save energy and time in the exploration of high-performance building facades, Gensler developed a propriety algorithm and streamlined process built on the Dynamo visual programming tool with Revit software. Within these platforms, we built a parametric, pattern-generating system that analyzes and compares dynamically responsive facade options in relation to solar insolation and daylight penetration, improving the designer’s ability to rapidly create and test multiple scenarios.

We simplified prior workflows by replacing several platforms and programs with a single Revit-based tool set, consisting of pre-built, parametric shading components and Dynamo scripts that users can easily integrate into their work process.

Our tool prioritizes speed and simplicity. We identified the need for improved building skin design through case studies and secondary research that involved kinetic and responsive facades. Building on previous work in this field, our research provides a new workflow through the rapid generation of geometric models, running simulations of them, and performing comparative analysis of the results.

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Jeff Barber, Zhifei Cheng, Mark Bassett, Adam Simmons

Year Completed