Is the real estate industry smart enough for the intelligence economy?

Research Project Name

Real Estate and the Intelligence Economy

What We Did

We explored how data intelligence and technology will catalyze evolving roles and relationships in the real estate value chain. We reviewed the legacy of how real estate has adopted technology including analogue instruments, building management systems (BMS), on-demand real estate contracts, and online concierge or room-booking platforms. We charted an impending paradigm shift in the future real estate value chain led by flexibility, intelligence, and virtualization. The goal of our conceptualizations is to advance the discourse on the synergy between smart buildings, enhanced experience, and the new generative role buildings will play in the intelligence economy.

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Richard Tyson, Jose Luis Sanchez, Federica Bertoncini, Levi Schoenfeld, Steven Folkes, Gervais Tompkin, Duncan Lyons, Jessica Garcia, Wes LeBlanc

Year Completed