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Taobao Choice

Hangzhou, China

Taobao, a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group, the world’s largest e-commerce company, has been at the forefront of revolutionary retail experiences, using data-driven insights to filter and generate personalized choices for online customers to browse at their convenience. Alibaba collaborated with Gensler to conceptualize a brick-and-mortar translation of its popular e-commerce platform. Reflecting the vast catalogue of products on Taobao’s website, the store concept is organized around a modular system with uniform shelving that provides a flexible framework to showcase rotating collections of merchandise. The store layout accounts for carefully orchestrated dwelling times throughout the space to encourage shoppers to take their time browsing. Digital elements are subtly woven throughout the store to create an engaging customer journey that layers the physical and tactile experience with the personalized interaction and customized choices online shoppers expect.