The nature of urban mobility is shifting. Cities need to keep pace.

Between increasing return to office rates and a resurgence of in-person experiences, the latest City Pulse 2022 Urban Mobility Report from the Gensler Research Institute found that cities are already more active than they were pre-pandemic. But while cities are rebounding, ways in which residents connect and move throughout them are rapidly changing.

As our clients consider the future of urban life and mobility, our survey data lends timely insight into how people choose to travel, and how cities and their transportation systems can evolve to support new behaviors.

Gensler research, planning, and transportation experts discuss how residents’ mobility experiences, opinions, and preferences are shaping how metropolitan areas are planned and built. Find out:

  • What residents want from cities where they live, work, and play
  • How design interventions help remove barriers to public transit ridership
  • Why public transit and “micromobility” are both important in helping cities become more resilient

Methodology: Data for Gensler’s City Pulse Urban Mobility Study was gathered via an anonymous, panel-based survey of 15,136 total urban residents in 30 cities across the world. The survey was conducted online from July 18 to August 15, 2022.

Watch the webinar and download Gensler’s Gensler City Pulse 2022 Urban Mobility Report.

Sofia Song
Sofia is the global leader of cities research at Gensler’s Research Institute, where she leads a cross-disciplinary team to generate new insights and data that position Gensler as a thought leader, working to influence change at the city scale. Sofia also represents Gensler as a Strategy Officer at the World Economic Forum, focusing on how industries can catalyze change. Sofia’s background includes leading research at proptech and real estate companies as well as roles in transit, community, and public space planning in various U.S. cities. She is based in New York. Contact her at .
Dylan Jones
Dylan is a global leader of Gensler’s Mobility & Transportation practice, who works at the intersection of private development and public infrastructure. His work is guided by the belief that mobility is a core building block of every sustainable city in the 21st century. Dylan is based in Los Angeles. Contact him at .
Jaymes Dunsmore
Jaymes leads Gensler’s Mobility & Transportation practice in the Southwest region, focusing on transforming the future of cities and mobility through design innovation. As the project manager and lead planner on large and complex transportation projects throughout California, Jaymes is a champion of station and streetscape design that prioritizes the pedestrian and passenger experience, and an advocate for sustainable, transit-oriented, urban development. Contact him at .

Download the full Gensler City Pulse 2022 Urban Mobility Report to learn how today’s “new normal” can influence and inform tomorrow’s urban design decisions.

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