The Global Workplace Survey Comparison 2023, from the Gensler Research Institute, surveyed 14,000 workers across nine countries and three continents to understand shifts in how employees across the world are working. The survey findings illuminate a critical divide: while employees rely on the office for productivity, it must adapt to their evolving expectations — and so far, the workplace isn’t cutting it.

In this webinar, Nayan Parekh, Gensler’s Global Work Sector Leader, along with a panel of experienced workplace strategists and designers from across our Asia Pacific (APAC) and Greater China offices, unveil insights from the latest Global Workplace Survey Comparison. Together, they delve into core conversations on the future of work in Japan, India, China, and Singapore.

Watch the webinar and download Gensler’s Global Workplace Survey Comparison 2023.

Nayan Parekh
Nayan is a Principal and global Work Sector Leader who partners with clients on their future of work. She has successfully implemented workplace projects across Asia, the U.K., and continental Europe, helping global organizations implement workplace transformation programs that lead to improved performance. She is based in Singapore. Contact her at .
Chinatsu Kaneko
Chinatsu is a Strategy Director who digs deep to uncover how well strategized and designed physical environments affect employee engagement and corporate culture. As a pioneer of the workplace in Japan, she has appeared in multiple major media and industry seminars across countries and regions. She is based in Tokyo. Contact her at .
Jessica Shen
Jessica is a Studio Director and Design Management Leader for Gensler’s Greater China region. She brings over 25 years of experience in design, management, and interiors. Her international vision and local expertise empower her to gain a better insight into the opportunities and challenges faced by the rapidly evolving market. She is based in Beijing. Contact her at .
Kelli Austin
Kelli is a Strategy Director for Gensler’s Greater China region who brings over 10 years of expertise in developing, aligning, and supporting organizations with their workplace strategy and portfolio. She is based in Hong Kong. Contact her at .
Shravan Bendapudi
As Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s Mumbai office, Shravan provides business leadership and oversees the firm’s workplace projects in India. He brings over 10 years of experience in workplace consultancy, real estate advising, and design and urban strategy. Contact him at .
Najeeb Rahmat
Najeeb is a Co-Studio Director who provides extensive architectural experience across a diverse range of sectors, varying in size, complexity, budget, procurement methods, and challenges. He is based in Singapore. Contact him at .
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Download the full Global Workplace Survey Comparison 2023 to explore how the workplace can respond to the global and regional patterns of work. Our data provides key insights into where design interventions can be made to improve the overall effectiveness and experience of the modern office.