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What are the effects of remote learning on student and educator experience?

Research Project Name

Hybrid Learning in Extreme Times

What We Did

Gensler developed an online, survey-based diagnostic tool that measures the engagement, learning effectiveness, and experiences of learners and educators alike. Based on multi-year research, the tool was developed to identify the factors that create engaging learning experiences for students. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tool's capabilities were expanded to capture the remote and hybrid learning experiences of both students and educators — delivering transformative insights to educate, elevate, and empower all learners.

The survey has already been deployed to multiple educational institutions to capture their experiences during the pandemic, and to help envision a post-COVID education future. These pilot surveys captured institutions at various stages of remote learning, including: a March–July 2020 pilot at multiple universities in Latin America, when entirely remote learning models were still a new experience; a September–October 2020 pilot at a U.S. university in Arizona, after students and educators had engaged in remote learning for a few months; and a September–October 2020 pilot at a U.S. university in Pennsylvania, where students and educators were engaged in a combination of remote and hybrid learning.

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Patricia Nobre, Erin Cubbison, Allison Bulgart, and Amira Samiy

Year Completed