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How can we use spatial data to facilitate better retail experiences?

Research Project Name

Designing Intelligent Retail Places

What We Did

We applied mixed-methods research at a confidential flagship retail location to correlate customer engagement (behavior, interactions, and sentiment) and spatial characteristics (connectivity, visibility, and activation) with retail outcomes (quality of experience, purchase behavior). This integrated approach included surveys, field observations, shop-along interviews, and spatial analytics. We leveraged proprietary, mobile surveys validated from prior Experience Index (EXI) research to capture the individual, in-store experience across core metrics. We measured and analyzed spatial dimensions and mapped the customer journey by gathering in-store movement and behaviors, and analyzed patterns using machine learning processes.

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Ryland Auburn, Daniel Bender, Stephanie Benkert, Raymond Bourraine, Islay Burgess, Chang-Yeon Cho, Michelle DeCurtis, Sean Drepaul, Ian Friedman, Rachel Ganin, Johnny He, Kelley Tapia, Zach Trattner, Richard Tyson, Peter Wang, Nicholas Watkins, Nathan Welch, Inwon Yoon

Year Completed