What makes a hotel experience great?

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Experience Index: Hospitality

What We Did

Today’s great hotels offer far more than just a place to sleep. Our research provides insight into the myriad factors affecting the guest experience with hotels today, and reveals the factors that matter most — from design features to elements of service, technology, and marketing. Gensler’s Hospitality Experience Index is the culmination of a multiyear, mixed-methods research effort leveraging ethnographic research and a 1,200-person survey to find patterns in how we interact with hotel environments.

Conducted across a wide range of space types, Gensler’s Experience IndexSM is a framework and methodology for understanding experience and how we interact with physical space. In relation to other space types studied in our Experience Index research, hotels rank among the highest in providing a great experience and exceeding customer expectations. In this report, we highlight places where hotels are doing well, and help identify potential areas for improvement.

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