How can Japan's train stations leverage their mixed-use nature to improve their experience for local and foreign visitors?

Research Project Name

Investigating Japan’s Unique Transportation Retail Hubs

What We Did

We conducted an in-depth assessment of the Japanese railway retail system, its local and foreign users, and current development efforts in the area. We then completed field studies of two Tokyo railway stations to understand how their retail hubs could better serve their users. We selected Gotanda (a small-scale station) and Shimbashi (a medium-scale station) for our blind studies. Over the course of 45 minutes, volunteer participants explored the stations and reported their impressions and experiences. To supplement these findings, we collected and analyzed data about the shopping experience from internal workshops conducted with native Japanese citizens and foreigners living in Japan. We also developed a survey based on Gensler’s Experience Index algorithm and posted it on websites targeting both Japanese citizens and foreign visitors to gather public responses.

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Kelly Guo, Marco Troncarelli, Daisuke Okazaki, Anna Demuth, Melissa Mizell, Nagato Uematsu

Year Completed