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Hot Topics From a Year of Transformation and New Ideas

With nearly three years of a pandemic behind us and significant economic concerns looming, the real estate and building sectors are in a moment of transformation. Now more than ever, people are attuned to the way that physical space shapes experience. As we prepare for what’s to come in the new year, we’re looking back at the topics and ideas that had the biggest impact in 2022.

Building Transformation Promises to Revitalize Cities

Office-to-residential conversions and adaptive reuse strategies could be a viable way to rescue stranded assets and update older buildings.

The Future of Work Comes Into Focus

The office has an important role to play in the future of work, but only if we curate experiences and design compelling destinations.

ESG Goals and Reporting Takes on More Urgency

Businesses are increasingly using their buildings and spaces to invest in environmental and social initiatives.

Decarbonization of the Built Environment Remains a Priority

Eliminating carbon emissions from the built environment is the key first step in meeting ambitious climate goals.

The Future of Cities Depends on Safe and Accessible Mixed-Use Communities

The future of urban life will be affected by how cities evolve to support a new mix of space types and modes of mobility.