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How can we engage health care consumers to reshape care and communities?

Research Project Name

A Model for Ambulatory Care Clinics

What We Did

We partnered with Mount Sinai’s PeakHealth practice to reimagine the workflow, experience journey, and design of an intensive ambulatory care clinic. We employed a mixed-methods research strategy including user group interviews from three care provider groups, behavioral mapping, and structured interviews with healthcare consumers of the practice. We researched the digital technology utilization, exam room, waiting area layout and features, patient experience, engagement, emergency department utilization — identifying what worked and where opportunities were missed, to engage health care consumers in their care. Our findings informed a mock-up of a future examination room within the framework of the health care consumer’s journey over time and into the community.

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Amy Carter, James Crispino, June Deng, Ju Hyun Lee, Kelley Tapia, Richard Tyson, Nicholas Watkins

Year Completed