Across the globe, governments are reimagining office space to be more efficient and collaborative to accommodate the shift to remote and hybrid work. A survey by Gensler found that 48% of government workers want the flexibility of a hybrid work model, citing the need to balance convenience, safety, and productivity. Government agencies are also prioritizing safety and accessibility in public buildings, and at the same time, many are designing resilient facilities, which now encompass health and wellness. Gensler’s latest Design Forecast identifies major opportunities for government agencies to address these complex challenges.

In this webinar, Gensler Government & Defense Leaders Bob Peck and Peter Barsuk, are joined by Workplace Strategist Lisa Cholmondeley, Global Design Resilience Leader Rives Taylor, Government & Defense Resilience Leader Lina Khan, and regional Government & Defense Leader Gray Dougherty. The discussion focuses on how governments worldwide are shifting their workplace strategies to meet new needs and expectations.

Download Gensler’s Design Forecast 2021 to discover more trends and strategies for transforming government facilities for a hybrid future.

Robert A. Peck
Bob co-leads Gensler's Government & Defense practice. An attorney by training, Bob served two terms as national head of the U.S. General Services Administration’s Public Buildings Service and was a US Army Reserve Special Forces Officer. Bob is based in Washington, D.C. Contact him at .
Peter Barsuk
Peter is a global Government & Defense practice leader, with an expertise in education, civic, and office building projects. With more than 20 years of experience, he has collaborated with clients, design professionals, and contractors to design and deliver innovative solutions for institutional, educational, and commercial clients. Peter is based in Los Angeles. Contact him at .
Lisa Cholmondeley
Lisa is a principal and design manager who has played a key role in the delivery of several large, complex, mixed-use developments in the Middle East. Lisa is co-director of Gensler’s Center for Research on Equity and the Built Environment and a member of Gensler’s Global Race and Diversity Committee. She is based in San Francisco. Contact her at .
Rives Taylor
Rives co-directs Gensler’s global Design Resilience practice focused on sustainable design, and is the global Resilience lead for the Gensler Research Institute. He is a principal and a recognized global expert in resilient, high-performance, and sustainable design, and has served as a faculty member at Rice University and the University of Houston for 30 years. Rives is based in Houston. Contact him at .
Lina Khan
Lina is a senior sustainability specialist and Design Resilience leader for Gensler's Government & Defense practice with 6+ years of experience in sustainability and environmental systems analysis. Lina is based in San Francisco. Contact her at .
Gray Dougherty
Gray is an architect and director of Gensler’s San Francisco Community Flex Studio, with more than 15 years of experience delivering program-driven projects for higher education and government clients. His expertise centers on facilitating stakeholder and community engagement to drive user-focused design solutions. He has completed numerous education and government master planning projects throughout California, including the master plan for the County of Santa Clara Civic Center, and is currently leading the design team for a new Student Success Center at City College of San Francisco. Gray is based in San Francisco. Contact him at .

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