The Collective — Seattle, Washington
The Collective — Seattle, Washington

Amenities in the Age of Experience

“Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than material goods,” writes Cornell University psychology researcher Dr. Thomas Gilovich. “They really are a part of us. We are the sum total of our experiences.”

Today’s golden age of experience is driven by a generation who thinks and acts digitally. An everything-everywhere generation who grew up with technology in their back pocket and brought the On Demand economy into the mainstream. Today, our experiences are the sum total of physical and digital worlds converging to deliver on the personal things we crave: connection, convenience, and customization.

Now that the bar has been set, good experiences must move to great.

In a market saturated with experiences, our clients across all industries are constantly reinventing themselves to meet the fast and furious demands. How do you stand out? How do companies attract and retain a thriving workforce? How do hotels, restaurants, and social spaces keep guests coming back? How do employers compete with the Googles of the world, who are offering a slew of amenities?

Today, companies must be willing to look beyond the basics, think outside traditional archetypes, and create unique experiences that convey a sense of value, story, and purpose. These purpose-driven amenities not only augment people’s immediate experience of a space, but also provide a place to belong. While hotels and coworking spaces are leading the way in these types of investments, other industries are following suit as they look beyond their physical boundaries, broaden their audience, and get creative with their real estate.

Take a look at our newest POV to learn more about how unique and thoughtful amenities can allow brands to compete on the world stage of experience.

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Amy Ridley
With a background in strategy, writing, and communications, Amy crafts compelling end-to-end design narratives and creative content strategy for Gensler’s digital experience design team and clients with a need for connected, intelligent, and generative messaging. Contact her at .